As our cats become older there are a number of conditions that can slowly begin to affect their health.

Kidney disease, overactive thyroids, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease are all common in cats over 10 years old. Once obvious symptoms appear much damage can already have been done.

To help screen for these important conditions and provide early treatment and control measures before things become serious we now offer a “senior cat health check” package for the older, “apparently healthy” cat.

If after an examination or check up at a yearly booster vaccination we felt that a senior ‘cat full health check’ would be useful then your cat would be booked in to be admitted for 2-3 hours and the blood pressure measured, a urine sample taken by a process called cystocentesis and tested, and a blood sample taken and sent for full blood profile including thyroid hormone. This is sent to our high quality external laboratory provider Idexx. Once we have all the results we will then discuss them fully with you.

If you would like to have this routine full health check for your cat then book an appointment at reception. At the initial examination you will have time to ask the vet further questions about the tests and procedures. It’s all quite painless! Please do ask if you have any questions.

Cost of full health check = £90.10 (incl VAT)

Marcelle with her lovely, older cat Robbie