Lepto 4 vaccinations


Leptospirosis is a life threatening disease in dogs and humans (Weils Disease). It affects the liver and kidneys causing acute failure in these organs and can be fatal. It is spread through the urine of rats, dogs, horses, cows and wildlife. Dogs can come into contact with the bacteria directly from infected urine or via water and soil. In the UK the strains carried by rats are the most common, making rivers, canals and waterways the most likely places for dogs to pick up the disease.

The previous vaccine covered only the two most frequently occurring forms of the disease in the UK. Nobivac L4 continues this protection, whilst also guarding against the UK’s third most common strain, plus one which is more of a problem in Europe.

Highgate Vets believe in providing the best protection possible for your dog, therefore we are changing our Leptospirosis vaccine from the 2 strain, L2, to the 4 strain, L4.

Booster vaccinations

When your dog comes in for its annual booster and health check, you will be asked to return 4 weeks later for a second Lepto dose. This is because the L4 vaccine requires 2 doses to establish full protection of the upgraded cover. You will only pay the usual vaccination booster fee. The cost of the second injection is being covered by MSD who manufactures it.  Following this, your dog will return to a single booster vaccination next year.