The qualified nurses carry out clinics during the afternoons on weekdays. Currently these are mainly for overweight pets to help them to re-gain a healthier body. Being overweight carries many health risks; joints and organs have to constantly cope with a larger, heavier body than they are made for. This makes heart disease, diabetes and arthritis much more common meaning that pets often have shorter, less comfortable lives at greater financial expense to their owners. There are subtle changes too such as a reduced ability to groom themselves as the extra fat can mean that parts of their body become inaccessible. Factors such as these have a psychological impact, as a healthy body is a healthy mind!

If you are concerned that your pet is overweight, please make an appointment for one of our complimentary nurse weight clinics. The experienced and knowledgeable nurse will be able to gather information about his/her lifestyle and food intake, assess your pet to determine their ideal weight and to create a plan to help you ensure that it is achieved. Follow up appointments are encouraged to help you maintain the weight loss and plan steps to prevent weight gain in the future. Specialist veterinary weight loss diets are available and successful, with loyalty schemes on offer to reduce their cost.

Please ask us for details.