Pet Insurance

There is a vast variety in the levels of cover available so it is important to consider the small print and what your pet may need. When choosing which policy is the one for you, look further than the cost. It is essential that you choose a “for life” policy to avoid any exclusions being placed on your cover. Whilst we always try to do all we can for a pet at Highgate Vets occasionally a pet must be referred to be able to enable further testing (such as a MRI scan), treatment or surgery.

As you cannot claim for a condition that is present before the insurance is taken out, it is important that a pet is covered by insurance early in life. We are obliged to disclose medical histories to enable an insurance company to process a claim. Some companies require notification of a new condition very soon after it appears, even if you do not plan to claim for it. Failure to tell them may mean that you are not able to make a claim for this condition. Dependent on the insurance company and the level of cover certain things may not be covered for example prescription diets or dental treatment.

To make a claim we request that clients contact their insurance company to notify them that they need to place a claim or some companies allow claim forms to be printed off online. Please fill in the owner section, using your own words to describe the condition, sign it and bring the form to us. We will ask whether you would like the form to be sent back to you or sent directly on to your insurance company. We complete insurance forms in the order that we receive them and so there may be a few days delay if we have received lots at the same time. You should then hear back from your insurance company regarding their payment to you.

If you have any concerns or complications with insurance please do pick up the phone and give us a ring – we are always here to help.