Our new state-of-the-art clinic, Highgate Vets @ Beezon Road opened on 2nd March 2015.  Only a 15 minute walk from our main clinic, the second location gives many benefits, primarily extra space to offer more services to our clients.  The surgery is just past Homebase on Beezon Road, next door to Skan PetCare.  The North Kendal position is not only convenient for clients in the nearby area but also Staveley, Windermere and Grayrigg too.  There is plenty of free car parking with allocated spaces, but it is only a short walk from Kendal train station too.

Click links below for a behind the scenes look at our modern and well-equipped small animal facilities.

Waiting Room and Reception
A nurse or receptionist will always be available to speak to you in our light, bright and spacious waiting room.  The staff member will be able to answer any of your questions and help to weigh your dog on our weighing scales which are lowered into the floor, making it very easy for dogs to walk on to them.  The waiting space is divided so that clients can wait with their cats at one end, away from dogs, which have a large space at the opposite side of the room.

Canagan, our carefully selected grain-free food is available to buy for both cats and dogs with lots of information available within leaflets in the waiting area.  A small selection of collars, leads and pet toys are also available to buy.

The waiting room is where Sue hosts our Puppy Encounters evening, roughly once a month, which offers a guide to socialising puppies and is excellent in allowing dogs to have a really positive early experience at the vets.

Consulting Rooms
We have three consulting rooms at Beezon Road with one dedicated purely for cats, to help reduce the stress sometimes induced by a visit to the vets.  The consulting room for dogs is very large with plenty of space for even the very largest dog breeds and their family members.  The third consulting room is a nurses’ room for patient discharges and nurse clinics.  As you may expect, we carry out a range of services within the consulting rooms and each is fully equipped for their purpose.

Operating Theatre and Dental Suite
One of the highlights of the Beezon Road clinic is the dental suite.  Our iM3 Elite dental station sits pride of place in it’s own, dedicated area where we carry out a range of dental procedures from scaling and polishing, to the extraction of complex multi-rooted teeth.  The dental procedures can now be carried out soon after the patient is admitted and so patients can go home earlier.

The separate operating theatre is in use every weekday for operations which require sterile conditions.  All routine operations from castrations, spays to lump removals and other surgery can be catered for at Beezon Road.  The more complex surgery is generally carried out at Highgate, which is also where patients stay overnight.

Each pet undergoing an anaesthetic is closely monitored by a qualified nurse, using their wide experience of anaesthetics in dogs, cats and rabbits, of all breeds, shapes and sizes. Individual respiratory monitors, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters (which measure the oxygen content of the blood and the heart rate) are used to help the veterinary nurses keep a minute by minute check on your pet’s anaesthetic. The nurses take into account the type of operation, age and type of pet, the drips and special requirements, to ensure the best and safest possible anaesthetic and recovery for your pet.

Laboratory and Dispensary
These two well-stocked rooms are vital for the smooth running of our clinic.  The laboratory contains everything we need for basic in-house blood and urine testing, and also everything we need to send a blood sample, or tissue sample away to external laboratories for specialised testing and interpretation.  We also have a reference library in the laboratory for anything the vets may wish to double check.

The dispensary is just behind the reception desk, making it very easy for the staff to communicate with you in reception whilst they prepare or collect your pet’s medication.  It has a wide range of medications, shampoos and carefully selected flea, tick and worm products.

Kennels and cattery
Once again, cats are separated from dogs whilst at Beezon Road with their own space in the dedicated cattery.  They are able to look through the glass door and windows to observe the staff but once the door is closed, they remain undisturbed by any nearby sounds.  There is a range of bedding available, including “pyramid beds,” for cats that prefer to hide away.

A selection of kennel sizes are available for dogs, including a giant walk-in kennel with a glass door which is spacious for even for a Newfoundland or a Great Dane.  Dogs are taken out from the premises on a secure, fenced lawn by the side of the clinic.

All patients are closely monitored during their stay by the vets and nurses.  A range of pet food is available for the patients, and so we can give them similar food to what they would eat normally, or extra tasty treats to encourage them to eat.  Patients will not stay at Beezon Road overnight but if this is necessary for a very sick animal, they will be transferred to Highgate by a vet or qualified nurse.  You will be informed if this applies to your pet.