Our town centre location means that the front of the clinic is a familiar sight to the residents of Kendal and the South Lakes. We are a four minute walk from the town hall, one minute from the paths along the River Kent and seconds from Abbot Hall Park. We have a free car park to the back of the building (accessed from Dowker’s Lane) which has enough space for four cars when parked considerately.

The clinic has two entrances; the side door from the carpark and the front door on the main street. Many clients call in when passing to check their pet’s weight, buy worming or flea treatment or to book an appointment with the reception team.

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Waiting Room and Reception
Our reception desk sits within our light, spacious waiting room which means that a staff member is always available to answer your enquiry. The two computer terminals allow staff to check and update your pet’s record easily, such as following your pet’s weight after using the scales in the corner of the waiting room.

We stock a wide selection of pet toys and accessories such as collars and leads which we have carefully chosen based on our experiences with our own pets, including the durability of the toys! The friendly staff are very knowledgable an approachable for advice and the “who’s who” board on display tells you a little bit about us all.

Consulting Rooms
We offer a wide range of appointment slots throughout out the day and evening so our consulting rooms are almost always in use. The two symmetrical rooms are well stocked with essential medical equipment and client information leaflets, but also have easy access to the dispensary and laboratory.

The rooms are used for a vast range of purposed from appointments with vets for examinations, vaccinations, microchipping, pre and post operative checks; nurse clinics; patient discharges; ultrasonography and electrocardiography (ECG). The computer terminals inform vets of the waiting patients and repeat prescription requests, and specialist software allows copies of our digital X-rays to be examined thoroughly for diagnosis or to be shown to the pet’s owners.

Operating Theatre
The operating theatre is in use every weekday and also at the weekends, if there is an emergency. The room houses two operating tables and all of the equipment and resources we need to carry out procedures safely for your pet. We carry out an enormous range of operations from neutering to dental procedures and repairing pets following accidents, such as mending bone fractures or stitching wounds. Our vets also have the knowledge and experience to carry out more intricate procedures such as the removal of problem thyroid glands in cats, and “foreign bodies” such as stones or socks from mischievous dogs.

Each pet undergoing an anaesthetic is closely monitored by a qualified nurse, using their wide experience of anaesthetics in dogs, cats and rabbits, of all breeds, shapes and sizes. Individual respiratory monitors, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters (which measure the oxygen content of the blood and the heart rate) are used to help the veterinary nurses keep a minute by minute check on your pet’s anaesthetic. The nurses take into account the type of operation, age and type of pet, the drips and special requirements, to ensure the best and safest possible anaesthetic and recovery for your pet.

Patients that stay with us for an operation or due to illness rest in our comfortable, warm kennels, where they are closely monitored by our vets and qualified nurses. The wide range of kennel sizes mean that we have spaces suitable for pets of all shapes and sizes, including Newfoundlands and Great Danes.

Dogs are taken outside for short trips with our nurses during their stay which provides a chance for them to go to the toilet and the change of scene often boosts their demeanour. A range of pet foods are available to tempt even the fussiest of pets, especially cats to eat whilst they are with us.