Our aim is to provide a friendly, affordable and professional service for you and your animals in a caring and supportive environment.

Services at the clinics
Unlike your local doctor’s surgery we have an array of on-site diagnostic and treatment tools at our disposal, making us a one-stop shop for your pet’s medical care. Services include:

  • Full digital x-ray facilities
  • Ultrasound scanning for pregnancy and disease diagnosis
  • ECG analysis for assessment of cardiac function
  • Endoscopy for examination of stomach and intestines
  • Blood pressure monitoring for dogs and cats with kidney or thyroid disease
  • High quality microscopy of diagnostic samples
  • In-house blood testing for diagnosis and pre-anaesthetic checks

As you would expect we are always on hand to give expert medical and surgical treatment for your sick pets, however one of the most common experiences our clients have of the surgery is when they bring their pets in for an annual vaccination.